When I said it was realistic, I was serious.

Gotta love Halloween stores…


I currently have a disembodied plastic hand sitting on my head.


I currently have a disembodied plastic hand sitting on my head.

"Well. If it isn't Other Me again."




"Oh, hey there, pal."

Part of him was extremely tempted to ask about what TG had avoided spilling earlier, but he knew better than to ask this double. This one wasn’t very fond of him (and for good reason).

"How’s it been? Heard you finally got somewhere with TG. ‘Bout time." He allowed himself a small smirk.

"I can MAKE it work with your face."

Even though he was getting angrier, Other Bill was right. TG still considered the guy a friend, after all the weirdness and chaos that he had put them through. While Bill would never understand why she continued to think of Other Bill in such a way, he knew in his energy core that it was definitely not a good idea to attack him—and not because of Other Bill’s powers. Those, he could match easily.

He hated to admit that Other Bill was right. Hated it with a passion. why wouldn’t he? The arrogant fool would never let him live it down if he did. There had to be some way to get under his foul temper and sarcastic remarks somehow…

“‘Course, now that I think of it, your face would probably look better with ‘EAT ME’ written in all caps.” Stowing away his sword cane, he pulled out his perma-marker and let a devilish grin fall into his eye.

"Not without a fight you’re not," Bill sang, and let the fire turn a bright red. "Remember, I’ve nothing to lose if I hurt you. Heheh.

"Cuz, y’know… Weak girlfriend…."

And with that, Bill snapped.

"ALRIGHT, THAT’S IT!" Immediately he was tackling Other Bill, punching at anything he could reach. "I—AM—SICK—AND—TIRED—OF—YOUR—ATTITUDE—ARROGANT—LITTLE—!!"

The rest came out as a humming chime, and in Triangulum language, it meant something one would simply not want to repeat in English.

OMG those Derpy eyes you keep drawing onto 'humanoid you' is just so... So... Sosososo. AWESOMELY HILARIOUS AND CLEVER!

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((Same GMA Anon)) Oh right right, Night. Gotcha. Yeah, I didn't realize that it was... Nearly Ten A' Clock XD. Have a fantabulous 'Night' for both of us.

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So, Bill, how was the vessel?




Ohhhhh man… I hate to admit it, but man, that was great! Been ages since I’ve been able to, y’know… feel so much all at once….

It’s over now, though. Would’a been nice to stay there longer. I was hoping maybe I could get my hands on some alcohol, do something stupid, hurt myself some more… I dunno what it is about human bodies, man. Their residents stink but the bodies themselves… to die for.

Then again if you die you get sucked out of it so…

**No response. The vessel was completely inanimate, but TG didn’t appear to be outside of it. The typical energy trail that occurred when a demon left its host simply wasn’t there.**


"Hello? Hello?!"

No matter where she flew, or how hard she tried to leave, nothing happened. Where WAS she? This wasn’t death, for she knew what that was like, but the PAIN she felt…what was this pain? Where was it coming from? Whatever it was, she hated it.

Plopping down in midair, or wherever she was, she let out a high-pitched whine and rocked back and forth, curled up as far as a Triangulum could go. "Oh my gods, where am I?"


**Paramedics arrived at the scene, moving the remaining people aside. They didn’t try to push Bill away, working around him as they attempted to move TG’s vessel, but the glances that they cast at him were pitiful. They didn’t seem to be in any particular rush…**

Bill was starting to panic, just a bit. If Other Other Bill found out about this, and TG were- he didn’t even want to think about it. Other Other Bill would destroy him, that was for sure. He wasn’t even sure if he were capable of the rage that would cause. Stupid human emotions. He didn’t care /what/ eleamant was, it was too human-like for his liking.

The paramedics certainly wouldn’t do any good. Definitely not for the vessel- that human was going to have to head on to the afterlife- but he was more concerned about TG. Who also couldn’t be helped by any human doctors. Blithering idiots. Still, they had the vessel, and if TG hadn’t left it…

"Hey!" he said, calling after them. "L- let me ride with her. I’m- uh… I’m her boyfriend!"

Yeah, Other Other Bill was not going to find out about this. He’d cover it up. He’d cover it up fine.

**”Kid, this is…” The paramedics looked confused, looked back at TG’s vessel, then at Bill, back and forth before finally shrugging helplessly and allowing him inside. He spoke gruffly, grabbing Bill by the shoulder.  “Fine. Just don’t get in the way.”

They already had an oxygen mask on the vessel—which still seemed to be breathing—and people were rushing all over with needles and kits. If TG has been conscious, as the vessel, chances are she would have completely flipped her lid. Needles were one of her worst fears.

For the moment, the vessel lay paralyzed, barely breathing, still hosting the demoness within.**


How much time had passed? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? How could she possibly tell? It wasn’t like she could feel anything outside of the pain, nor see anything beyond the darkness. She had flown for so long, tried to get out of the place, but it just kept expanding. The mind…vast and infinite. No way out.

"BILL! OTHER BILL! ANYONE! HELP ME!" She shrieked as loud as possible, her triangular form glowing brightly. In here, she noticed, her normal blue color was instead a washed-out greyish color. the glow wasn’t nearly as strong as it normally was, either—was she fading?

No, of course not. What a ridiculous thought. A dream demon couldn’t fade while within a host—they would just be kicked out. She turned her attention back towards yelling like crazy, trying—hoping—that her telekinesis would make its way through this blasted mindscape.

hhhh I really want to eat cheese some day, but I am allergic to most of it. And I don't know which ones and I don't feel like testing out which ones. is it really that good..?

(("Glorious" Message Anon)) TG... I wrote that message to cheer you up. The fact that you made it a full fledged comic is absolutely wonderful. You captured the moment flawlessly! I'd love to contribute more by writing a fic! I just... Need to find the time. Either way, you've made me so happy in return XD. Win win! Have an outstanding day TG.

((I hug thee, Anon! *HUG* You definitely made my day brighter with that, and I thank you very, very much. X3 You have an awesome day (night?) too, epic person!


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No I'm not actually, but I just find em cute. And my gosh that height difference makes it even better ahaha. Ah well, They can at least be friends hahaha.

((XD The height difference was surprising to quite a few…))